About AlchemiaNova

AlchemiaNova is today’s leading research-driven manufacturer of alchemical products. AlchemiaNova discovers, develops, manufactures and markets alchemical medicines and food substances to substantially improve the quality of human life.

AlchemiaNova History and Mission

AlchemiaNova was established in 2001 by Raoul Tollmann based on a solid foundation in Western alchemy. In 1997 Raoul Tollmann was initiated into the manufacturing process of monoatomic gold by a Pacific Northwest gold assayer connected to the Knights Templar. In 1999, Tollmann was further initiated into the manufacturing process of alchemically fermented elixirs of metals, gems and minerals by a bishop of the Cathars, a religious group in southern France.

Alchemical elixirs of metals, monoatomic elements, gems and minerals have a long tradition of use for transformation by the initiate few. These elixirs are also understood to be the capstone of the natural healing arts. Our Noble Gas Waters are an entirely new, exciting and unique product line developed by our house, the only manufacturer worldwide.

The mission of AlchemiaNova is to make alchemical products available to anyone interested in the natural healing arts and alchemy, without limiting the dispensation of our elixirs and waters to members of any specific group, creed or race.

We draw upon the experience and refinement of several centuries of Western alchemy that were transmitted to us, as well as hundreds of our own experiments and in-house provings.

While alchemical elixirs were traditionally only available either to practitioners of alchemy themselves or to kings, princes and bishops due to the expensive materials as well as labor-intensive and time-consuming manufacturing processes of such elixirs, we have streamlined and standardized our manufacturing processes by using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and modern manufacturing practices, thus making our products affordable for anyone. 

We are very passionate about alchemy and opine that we offer the finest alchemical products currently available worldwide. We believe that our enthusiasm, dedication to excellence and extensive research and development shine forth in our products. We are convinced that our products can and will make a difference in your life, just as they have proven themselves capable of inducing substantial change in ourselves, our testers and our customers.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our website and more importantly, we hope that our alchemical products will assist you in creating your own personal miracle.

About Raoul Tollmann

Raoul Tollmann

Raoul Tollmann grew up in Austria. The son of two university geologists, he was introduced at early age to the mineral kingdom. A near death experience at age 14 put him on the spiritual path; his natural scientific bent eventually led him to apprenticeship under two contemporary alchemists.  In 2001 he founded AlchemiaNova, a company that produces his alchemical gem elixirs and noble gas waters.

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